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29 Broomfield Avenue, Leigh On Sea, Essex, SS9 4BL

Web Design In Westcliff

Bang! Graphics may have its roots travelling round the world and working wherever it can, but we have settled in Westcliff and are happily walking the dog in Chalkwell Park and sinking a beer in The Trading Rooms. Brought up in Essex this is where the company belongs.

Responsive and Search Engine-Friendly Web Design

As the years have passed, we‘ve found that the hand-coded days of old have moved on slightly. People are less afraid of computers and the Internet, and for that reason they want websites that work on everything and ones they can update themselves.

With that in mind, in recent years Bang! Graphics has been producing multi-platform responsive websites. They not only adjust to work on everything you could possibly view the website on, but also tick all the boxes that search engines love to ensure you aren’t marked down for accessibility reasons.

All of this is within reason, although if you’re allergic to updating your Internet browser or still using a computer running Windows 95/Mac OS 3, we fear you may need to update, rather than the website being backwards compatible quite that far!

Client Controlled Websites

Control is everything. We live in a world where people don’t particularly care how things work … just that they do. We provide websites that look great, work the way you want them to, and most importantly, can be updated by you or anyone else you wish to give user access to.

We use WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) for our clients. Styled to however you wish, we can produce a website designed specifically for you, or we can pick up an off-the-shelf design that will save you money. WordPress is THE most popular CMS out there, with near unlimited support avenues and plugin options.

Tuition is given, either on site (as the client’s expense if travel is involved), or remotely using our remote support software. Documentation is provided along with the opportunity to take your own notes during the tutorial, which lasts an hour or two.

eCommerce Websites

More and more businesses wish to sell products online. This enables them to cut costs as a decent web presence/shop could mean that a shop front is no longer necessary.

We can add WooCommerce into your WordPress build to enable you take advantage of an incredibly powerful online shopping solution.

So How Much is a Website?

We hear this question a lot. In fact, it’s a really difficult one to answer and often annoys potential clients as we often reply with another question … “What do you want the website to do?”

It highly depends on what you want the website to achieve. From that point, with a detailed web design brief, we can then put together an effective estimate for you. When someone asks, “How much is a cheap website?“ … the only answer we can give is that if cost is your main priority, rather than service or quality, then we may not be the best fit for you. We always try to price ourselves reasonably so that the workload and time it takes is covered.

The key here is to find something that suits your needs without complicating the build process. After all, we quote to timescales – the sooner we can get something finished, the less it costs you, the client. If, however, you’re introducing a timescale that means we need to work unsociable hours or we need to hire multiple developers, then the cost will fluctuate.

We think it would be prudent to say that should you want under ten pages and a content-managed portfolio site you are looking at around £600 -£800, including one year’s hosting charges.

If you‘d like something larger, with more bells and whistles such as online video, eCommerce, multiple languages or dynamic content then the cost will rise.

We’d really need to have a chat and fill out a brief before we could realistically and honestly give you an idea of price.

If you’d like to arrange such a chat or have any questions, please fill out the Contact form below or pick up the phone and call 07472 331136.

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