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Hosting and Domain Terms and Conditions

Hosting Terms and Conditions

1) Hosting fees are charged at £20 per month.

2) Should the payment be made yearly the charge is a discounted £180 (£15 per month).

3) A breakdown of the services included can be found here.

4) Hosting is provided on a dedicated cloud server.

5) Downtime on web hosting is to be expected. This is due to server updates and upgrades. Should there be specific issues you will be notified. Over 98% uptime is to be expected.

6) Should the client notice any downtime or problems with their website that they have not been notified of it is their responsibility to report to problem to Bang! Graphics. At which point an immediate follow up will take place.

7) Invoices for hosting fees are issued 30 days before the payment is due.

8) Payment is due BEFORE the date specified on the invoice.

9) Should the client not pay on the due date – there is a period of 15 days that the website and e-mail provision is available. After that point a holding page explaining non payment will be displayed and the website will not be available. Should we provide email services to you, they will be locked. Although it will still receive, the client will not have access until the invoice has been paid.

10) For each day that a payment is late an additional £2 will be added to the amount due.

11) Should payment arrive after the due date the website will not be brought online until the late fees have been settled.

12) In the instance of there being other outstanding fees for any other work, hosting will not be renewed until all invoices have been settled.

Domain Terms and Conditions

1) Bang! Graphics no longer automatically renews domain names on behalf of clients.

2) All domains are purchased using the contact name and details for Bang! Graphics. This stops unwanted spam being sent to the client.

3) Domain invoices are sent 30 days before they are due.

4) Payment is a requirement BEFORE the due date specified on the invoice.

5) Domains are purchased through 123Reg (the registrar).

6) There is a period of 16 days from the point of renewal date where the domain can be re-purchased without the registrar applying additional charges. There is an admin fee from Bang! Graphics of £20 to do this which is charged on top of the domain renewal.

7) Between 16 – 75 days there is a period where the domain can be re-purchased. The registrar charges a penalty at this point. Bang! Graphics also charges admin fees. The expected fees are:

£75 late fee + £20 domain renewal + £40 admin fees = £135 (+ VAT imposed by registrar)

8) After the point of 75 days you can expect the domain to be lost. It will most likely be parked by a third party and the price hiked up even further.

9) Should you wish to leave Bang! Graphics (see cancellation procedure below) or move registrar, moving a domain to another provider would need to be done before your hosting is due for renewal.

10) Bang! Graphics does not charge an admin fee to initiate a domain move to another provider.

11) Should the domain move be completed before the hosting is renewed a hosting refund is only due to the client if the term left is more than 30 days and if our cancellation procedure (below) states this is possible.

12) If there are ANY outstanding invoices your domain will not be renewed until all invoices have been settled in full.

Cancellation Procedure

Should a client wish to cancel their hosting differing procedures are applicable.

1) During the term of the paid for contract – should the contract be severed during the agreed term without reason or for a reason unrelated to the hosting service provided … no refund will be issued.

2) During the term of the paid for contract – If the reason for termination is proven to show Bang! Graphics or the hosting provider at fault as far as the provision of hosting, the remaining months will be added up at £15 per month and the remainder repaid to the client.

3) In the run up to the hosting renewal – Cancellation at the end of the hosting term can happen without incident assuming there are no outstanding invoices.

4) Should there be any invoices outstanding for any work – the hosting will roll over and the above points referring to hosting renewals will apply.