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Social Media Management and Blogging

“Is it me or have people decided to live their lives through a screen rather than in person?”

That was said to us recently, and to be fair, we had to have a good think about it. People are more likely to interact with friends, businesses and loved ones online than they do in real life. We’re communicating more than we ever did … just on a screen instead of solely in person.

Social media is more important than ever to keep in contact with people, on a personal level and also in a business sense too! The thing is, you’re most likely wanting to focus on making money for your business, not providing content for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube and multiple other social media profiles you may have.

This is where we come in.

Social Media Management

We can provide regular posts and information across all your social media platforms, to engage and entertain potential clients and current followers.

You’d need to decide how often you’d want us to post and across how many platforms. From that, we can tailor a package that suits you. Packages are charged monthly, and content would be industry specific after an initial consultation. We’d also keep you in the loop as to subjects we’d be covering, to make sure that what’s being shown to represent your company is appropriate.

We often give advice to our clients that there is footfall across the Internet, a path that people follow to get to information. There’s a correct way to go about it in our opinion, and a less helpful way. When it comes to marketing yourself and providing content for your customers to digest, it should all work hand-in-hand. If you’d like to read more about it, we’ve written a blog about it here…

Speaking of Blogs …

We can do that too! Taking guidance from you and added research into the subject, we can produce blogs of varying lengths for your business.

We would, again, have an initial consultation so we can get a feel for how you’d like your company portrayed. The blogs can then be written in an appropriate style for your audience. We’d run all articles by you first, and you can then decide if anything needs adding or omitting. The whole idea here is that we save you time. Reviewing the written article will take less time than creating one from scratch, and, with your brief feedback, we can get content on your website regularly, making you look busy and relevant to your customers. Also, by having us do this, you can focus on your business rather than the marketing of it.

Pricing for blogging will be discussed at the initial meeting and after requirements are decided upon. If you’d like to organise a meeting or ask any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please fill out the Contact form below or pick up the phone and call 07472 331136.