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29 Broomfield Avenue, Leigh On Sea, Essex, SS9 4BL

Photography in Southend

Corporate Photography in Southend

Our photographer is trained in multiple different styles to enable us to bend to the requests of the client. Corporate photography including staff, products, locations and more are all possible, allowing us to really show off our talents.

  • Product Photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Events Photography
  • Christening Photography
  • Babies and Childrens Photography

Should you require a visit, we’ll take down information either over the phone or via email to allow us to plan the shoot appropriately. Armed with the correct equipment, our photographer will make their way to a location of your choice early to set up and get a feel for the environment and the job in hand.

Along with the photography, after effects and photo editing are available either to polish off your images or to make any changes you request.

We pride ourselves on creating a friendly and professional atmosphere during all of our work efforts. Amy is a personable and skillful individual who makes her subjects feel at ease immediately. With her years in the field of photography,  she’ll also be able to capture what you have in mind, and maybe even throw some extra ideas into the mix.

You don’t have to only take our word for it though, check out some of her favourite images below to get a feel for her work.

If you want to find out more, please fill out the Contact form below or pick up the phone and call 07472 331136.

Bang! Graphics is pleased to be able to offer a wide range of photography services as part of our growth.

Our talented photographer is Amy; you can read more about her here.

She joined the team after we made a website for her. We both enjoyed working with each other so much that we decided to join forces!