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Email Marketing / Newsletters

The way that you market yourself to the public has changed a fair amount over recent years. People do still use ads in the local paper, leaflet drops and the such, but the problem with these is that your audience is passive, not specific and, most of all, they’re able to just chuck it in the bin!

An email marketing campaign is slightly, but really importantly, different. We like that we have included an environmentally-friendly standpoint there, but also realise that people can just delete an email. The main difference is to do with targeting.

We champion marketing to people that have actually asked for it to land in their inbox. Not SPAM emails, but styled emails being sent to people that have requested the information.

An Example of email Marketing

* Let’s say you run a hair salon.

* You’ve collected names and email addresses from your clients, and wish to let them all know about a new offer: a free blow dry with every cut.

* We take your list of names and add it into the online mailing list.

* We then go through the offer with you and either source images, or use images you provide.

* The email design is put together and provided for you to give the final go ahead. It includes links to your online shop for hair products, as well as the offer itself.

* The email is sent out to all clients. Open rates can be monitored to see how successful the campaign has been.

How Do You Guarantee the audience Want to See the email?

Firstly, we would suggest that you add a newsletter sign-up form to your website. This’ll enable you to collect names and email addresses from people that genuinely want to hear about what you offer. Alternatively, you may have a list of clients that you wish to add to a mailing list.

We’re totally against SPAM, but we do value the opportunity to send targeted marketing to people that are willing to receive it.

You can go down the route of buying mailing lists; there are companies that offer such a service. We don’t give you the names and addresses, more the tools to collect them yourself.

What Happens Next?

Once we have a mailing list, it’s time to design the HTML email from images and content that you wish to include.

We’ll discuss what may be the best way to market that specific aspect or item in the email and what else may be useful to include. You may have one solid deal you wish to advertise, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t push other items or services … incentives to click are helpful as although they may not be interested in one aspect of the email, they may be in another.

How Much Does This Cost?

Cost is worked out from two factors:

* Design – The amount of content you wish to provide (images/text) will greatly affect how long it takes to put together. Also affecting how long it takes would be if you do wish to have designated links or ads elsewhere in the design.

* Distribution – There are different payment levels depending on how many people are being sent the email. For a small company sending to tens or hundreds of people, you’ll find this is relatively low. The reason why the mail is sent from a different email server to your own is because, otherwise, you run the risk of being marked a spammer. We ensure that this doesn’t happen.

In short, it’s tailored to you!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to arrange an email campaign with Bang! Graphics.

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