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Bang! Graphics is happy to be able to offer its clients copy-editing and proofreading services through Red Pencil Edits, headed up by Charlotte McCarthy.

Proofreading Web Content

You can choose from any of our three Web content proofreading packages, or if you simply want an hourly rate, we can offer that as well.

Once you’ve completed your own in-house review process, we’ll do the final check prior to publication; having a fresh a pair of eyes to review what you’ve read many times already is vital to deliver high quality copy. As well as checking grammar and punctuation to ensure readability and flow of the text, we’ll do a final “eyes-on” spell check.

We’ll also ensure that your overall “style” is applied throughout, including use of contractions, English language spelling and consistent use of e.g. bullet points, hyphenation, capitalisation and italicisation; at the same time, we’ll ensure the layout and format is in line with your company’s standards, e.g. fonts, headings and line spacing, so that your website shines!

Some of our clients know that they need that little bit of extra help to get the wording just right! This option includes everything in the Pure Proofreading package plus further copy-editing services. We’ll analyse your word usage to remove common issues, such as overuse of certain words or phrases, repetition of words within sentences or paragraphs and use of language that’s inconsistent with your preferred style.

We’ll also suggest insertions if it appears that parts of your business processes or details of your services have been missed. One of the main benefits of using a third party to review your content is that we don’t have the intimate knowledge of your business that you do, and what may be obvious to you may not always be so to your potential clients!

If you have little or no interest in writing, then our Platinum Proofreading package offers the full range of editing, copy-editing and proofreading services.

You’ll still need to provide us with the basic content; we’ll ask quite a lot of questions to ensure that we fully understand the message you want to get across and that we’re factually correct. Once we’ve rewritten or added additional text where it’s required, we’ll apply the same process that we use for the Proofreading Plus package to transform your words into a superbly written masterpiece!

To help you to select the correct package, we’ll ask for a sample of your content to analyse and then we can advise you accordingly. Please note that only the Platinum Proofreading package includes extensive writing or rewriting.

All packages are available for Web content up to 6,000 words, 6,000-10,000 words and 10,000-15,000 words. Please contact us to discuss pricing options for larger sites.


Blogs are quick and easy to proofread, and we can turn around a blog of approximately 1,000 words in a very short period of time. To take advantage of being in your mindset and writing style, we recommend sending us several blogs at the same time (2-6) so that we can offer you better value for money per blog.

Marketing Literature

Whether it’s a poster, a brochure or a leaflet, it’s still possible to miss a detail or two! Only because there are fewer words, don’t assume that they’re word perfect. As well as checking the obvious, we can ensure consistency of terminology, or if you’re looking for a complete change, ensure no repetition of previously used marketing messages.

Other Documents

We’re happy to proofread any documents that you want to send our way! Sales proposals, internal procedures documentation, mailshots, email templates – whatever it is, we can provide copy-editing and proofreading on either an hourly basis or by the number of words.

Charlotte is ready and raring to go, so if you have a blog, book, website text or even a leaflet that needs a good going through, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please fill out the Contact form below or pick up the phone and call 07472 331136.

Bang! Graphics is pleased to be able to offer a range of proofreading services as part of our growth.

Our talented wordsmith and proofreader is Charlotte; you can read more about her here.

We’ve known Charlotte for many years and jumped at the chance to work together.