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29 Broomfield Avenue, Leigh On Sea, Essex, SS9 4BL

Support and Maintenance

At every step of the process, whether it’s building your website or designing printed material for you, we’re on hand to offer advice and support.

We can remotely dial into your computer and get your email working (using the remote download link in the Support Navigation above), or we can talk you through how to use your website over the phone. Most of the time, this support and tuition is included in the cost of building the website or email service provision.

We‘ve also been known to help fix other issues with our clients’ computers, printers and more, and in these circumstances we apply an hourly rate.

Website Maintenance

More and more customers wish to have a website they can update themselves. This involves having a website that has a database running behind it, and that utilises facilities and plugins that are regularly kept up-to-date.

The reason why web builds, databases and plugins constantly change is because that is exactly what the Internet is doing. Particularly from a security point of view, hackers are rife and as we use WordPress, the most popular CMS (Control Managed System) out there, it’s a target. By staying up-to-date, any security breaches are sealed which keeps your website safe and secure.

Some companies offer monthly maintenance contracts. We don’t do that. Well, we do but only if the amount of changes you wish to make are of a volume that we can come to an agreement.

Usually, as and when something needs doing, we’ll let you know and ask if you’d like the work done. Sometimes there’s a lot to do, sometimes there isn’t. It doesn’t seem fair to charge every month when all we may have done is click on a button or two. For that reason we charge by the hour, as and when things need doing. One particular client of ours was paying £100 a month for his website maintenance. We cut that down to £50-£100 every so often. So far, he has reported savings of up to £800 a year.

Should you want us to take over the hosting and maintenance of your websites, please refer to our page telling you about Website and Email Hosting with Bang! Graphics.

Should you have questions please fill out the Contact form below or pick up the phone and call 07472 331136.