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The Key to Online Marketing


From our point of view, there’s a correct way to market your business online. We aren’t talking about Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click here; we’re talking about the correct way to use social media and blogging to your advantage.

The ultimate goal is to entice someone to look at your website. The Internet is ever evolving, and social media has the real power to motivate someone to click through to multiple pages, all from the same screen. How often do we get motivated to find out about the “Top 5 Reasons Why Your Girl Hates You” or “Best Hollywood Nip Slips of 2016”? I just made up the last one, incidentally! 🙂

Adverts and promotional articles turn up in your newsfeed as you scroll, at the side of the screen, or even in popups during some apps. What we’re suggesting is that you take advantage of the services that you use on a daily basis, but to use them a little differently.

Point to Your Own Content, Not Someone Else’s!

Providing your own content is always more useful to your brand that using someone else’s articles.

We see it every day. Someone else does the hard work, and you take advantage of it. The problem there, though, is that if they provide the same service as you, they may get the business instead. It’s unlikely you’d share something that didn’t have something to do with what you do as a business.

A better plan would be to read the post you want to share, maybe do a bit more research to get facts concrete in your mind, and then rewrite it from your point of view. This does two things: the first is to produce original content for your own site; and the second is to make you seem useful to your client, and to give them a reason to go to your website.

Producing original content for your own site helps from a search engine perspective because, not only are you making the site larger, but you’re also providing new content, which search engines also like. We must stress though …


Write your own original articles as search engines will penalise you for copying from elsewhere. It isn’t a financial fine, more of a halt to any ranking rise in their listings, maybe even a fall.

When you produce an article, make sure that the title is snappy and to the point. We want it to be immediately relevant to the subject, and also to potentially include the keywords that people may use to find such an article from a search engine. If you have the ability, also ensure that the page URL explains what the article is and include keywords.

So how might you make yourself seem useful to your client and give them a reason to go to your website? All blogs should have an overall goal. That goal is to point the user to a product page somehow. It’s totally up to them whether they want to read more, but after reading a useful article that entertained or informed them, they are much more likely to. We’ve done it with this article … we are talking about the correct footfall of online marketing and given links to SEO, PPC and our Social Media Management pages. There must always be a goal, and as we are a business, just as you may be, that goal is to try and gain new clients.

Promote on Social Media Platforms and/or Ads

Now that you have an interesting/entertaining/relevant article written, you need to tell people it’s there! If you have a decent social media following on Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other multiple social media platforms, then all you need to do is share the blog with them, right? Wrong! Well … not totally wrong, but you need to be imaginative with it when you’re promoting the new post. If you’re a custom jeweller who has just produced a new line of teddy bear necklaces, there are right and wrong ways to promote it online:

Bad Example:
We’ve done a new blog. You’d like it!

Good Example:
Did you grow up with a furry friend? Wear a reminder close to your heart, where they’ll always be. The new Teddy Bear Necklace line is available now.

Instead of just shoving the blog up there, we’ve given it a story. It’s what we call an “incentive to click”. It’s a reason to want to know more. It even reads a bit like an ad, but at the same time, tells a story.

I’ve really only focussed on day-to-day posting so far; you may decide to promote your post with a Facebook ad to push the potential audience. This could work out two fold, as you may get more people liking your Facebook page, as well as visiting your website.

Conclusion: The Correct Footfall of Online Marketing

To round up the above, you should be doing the following each and every time you want to promote your company on social media platforms:

  • Write original blog content (DO NOT COPY TEXT OR IMAGES).
  • Make sure that the content mentions and points to a product that you provide.
  • Make the page URL and article title are short and relevant to the article. You want people to see it and decide that it’s something they want to read. Also, you want it to be appropriate for organic searches so that people accidentally find the article.
  • Use your social media platforms to point to your blog post.
  • Entice people to find out more … give enough information to get them interested and wanting more.

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