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Setting Up email on Your Computer



No worries! Follow these steps:

If You Have a PC
We always suggest using a mail client called Mailbird, mainly because it’s simple, good looking and setting up an email account is pretty easy.

After downloading, it’ll prompt you to put in your details to add an account.

Mailbird FREE allows you to have ONE account associated with it. Should you wish to pay for the program, you’ll be able to add more.

If You Have a Mac

Mac users tend to use the on-board OS client called MacMail. If you are using another client, the following user details will still apply.

Email Settings

When setting up a new account, depending on the email client you’re configuring, all of the following settings may already be filled in for you. All you’ll need is your email address and password, which will have been issued to you already.

After testing that the incoming and outgoing email works, you may well be done at this point.

Should you have any error messages show up, you’ll need to check your email settings as follows:

In order to add your new mailbox, you’ll need the following information:

Username: (your email address)

Incoming Mailserver: IMAP
– Server Hostname: mail.(your domain name)
– Port: 143
– SSL: None
– Authentication: Encrypted Password

Outgoing SMTP Mailserver
– Server Hostname: mail.(your domain name)
– Port: 587
– SSL: None
– Authentication: Normal Password

Normal issues are passwords not being typed in correctly OR not changing the mailservers from what may have automatically filled in. For example, it may have autofilled as smtp.yourdomainname.com … this is incorrect. It should be mail.yourdomainname.com and will display an error if it is not typed as such.

With the above info you should be able to configure your account.

Should you have any problems, please get in touch over the phone or use our Contact form. We’ll add a ticket to the work order, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.