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Portfolio - James Brook / Sea Shepherd

CD Cover Design

CD Cover Design

CD Cover Design

James Brook
Sea Shepherd

On a boat in the Southern Ocean 🙂

Graphic Design

James Brook is a frequent crew member of the Sea Shepherd, a non-profit, marine conservation organisation that has gained notoriety via the Internet, marketing and also its TV show, “Whale Wars”.

Whilst on the boat, James wrote and recorded his album. As a friend of Bang! Graphics, we donated our services to produce the CD cover artwork. Proceeds from the sales of the CD go to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

CD Cover
We were lucky enough to be offered pictures of one of the Sea Shepherd boats in “challenging” waters, which really helped us get a feel for the style that James wanted. Cold weather and ice are a big part of life in the Southern Ocean, and this needed to be portrayed in the artwork.

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