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Folium Consulting LLP

Sandwich, Kent

Web Design
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Powerpoint Presentations

Folium Consulting LLP is an Estate Planning and Tax Advice company. With decades of experience among its members, they’ve been helping people in person and even in articles featured in the Daily Telegraph!

Folium came to us from a recommendation, with a website that was sparse and apparently complete. After looking through it, we pointed out that it was far from a finished product with basic Search Engine necessities having been left out. We gave it a complete re-coding, starting from scratch and gave them a product that engages, informs and sells their products appropriately.

After being impressed so far (their words not ours!), Folium returned and requested that we produced a full colour, multi-page brochure to give out at their seminars. A pretty big project as the brochure came out at 25 pages with many, many updates.

Other Bits and Bobs
We seem to now be in charge of anything print related, which is nice! Invoices, letterheads, reports and more are now put together using our design style. We’ve also put together a pretty extensive Powerpoint presentation that they use at their regular seminars.

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