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Bans Technical Diving

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Bans Technical Diving is the technical diving division of the world’s largest recreational diving operator – Bans Career Development Center, Koh Tao, Thailand. They conduct a range of courses ranging from deep technical diving to cave penetration.

Bans Tec’s website was a behemoth of a job as they offer so many courses. The original site was made in WordPress, which the client liked, but they weren’t so fond of the fact that the site wasn’t mobile responsive, nor could it accept payments. The new build has many hidden extras, including contact forms on every course, full payment cart system and product incentives included as upsells.

The client has full control over the website content and the online shop itself, meaning that they’re able to not only adjust the products they offer, but also to add new ones, whether it be courses or products such as masks, fins or other dive equipment.

We also continue to design promotional posters for Bans Tec, mainly around Christmas time; although they do sometimes have deals during the summer months. By taking some awesome images and adding a dash of design, these banners can be seen dotted around the Internet, and also stuck on various walls around the beautiful island of Koh Tao, Thailand.

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