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Basic mailboxes now 1GB!


Mailboxes Extended to 1GB from 400MB

The standard mailboxes for Bang! Graphics clients have previously been 400mb. Upgrading this mailbox isn’t overly costly (around £5 a year for 2GB), but the great news now is that, due to a server upgrade, the basic amount of web space assigned for each of your mailboxes is now 1GB!
This increase of 150% means that whilst you’ll still need to keep track of spam, trash and unwanted emails, you now have some more ‘wiggle room’, if, like most of us, you’re not too hot on filing, deleting those unwanted emails and checking your spam folder.

As per usual, should you find yourself getting close to the end of your mailbox allowance, first of all, get cracking on the housekeeping and remove any excess mail from your spam and trash folders, and do some filing!

Email accounts are usually set up as IMAP, which means that changes you make in your local mail clients will take effect on the wider web server. You can also make these changes directly on the server by logging into your webmail; details on how are below.

If you’re getting to the end of your quota (90% full), the system automatically sends you an email (from Bang! Graphics), letting you know what to do. If you’d like to know how to check your mail server usage to see how full it is, read on!

Not sure how to check your allowance?

No worries! Follow these steps:

* Log into your webmail by going to https://webmail.YOURDOMAINNAME
– (if you’re having troubles there, you can also log into https://webmail.banggraphics.co.uk)

* Fill out your username (email address) and password (these were sent to you when the account was opened)

* Click on “Settings” at the top.

* You can see your usage under “Quota”